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Long Life  |  Strong Life

Genologix is South Africa’s affordable and effective solution to longevity, strength and mental focus


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Our Philosophy

Our brand was founded on the premise of keeping you healthy, fit and strong, well into your later years. Despite modern medicine’s many recent innovations, it’s contrary approach to treat the symptoms of disease, not the root cause has inspired us to create products targeting longevity


We see no reason for expensive, prolonged treatment plans. We aim to ensure you don’t fall ill in the first place

What Sets Us Apart?

Loyalty Programme

We know we would be nothing without our customers, so we found a way to say thank you for your loyal support


All purchases made on our shop will earn you loyalty points. You can also earn points by reviewing products you have purchased. These point earn you discounts towards your future purchases


For more information, you can visit our loyalty FAQ

Quality Assurance


Quality is of the utmost concern to us. Besides our extensive quality manual, we have gone the extra mile to ensure that you only receive the highest level of quality and purity


We are SAHPRA compliant and in the process of being registered and our suppliers are all GMP and ISO compliant

Who We Are


Based in KwaZulu-Natal and launched in 2020, Genologix serves tens of thousands of happy, repeat customers in South Africa. We are keenly aware of the global trend of turning to preventative supplementation as a truly viable alternative to curing illness. We’re deeply thankful of the difference that our products are making in the lives of so many South Africans and are very excited to see what new advancements are just around the corner in the world of longevity-support


Our sole focus is on SUPPLEMENTS THAT WORK. We source and distribute only the supplements that we see as being highly effective, based on solid, peer-reviewed medical research data. Gimmicky devices and questionable supplements that carry unsubstantiated claims, these will never find their way onto our retail platforms. With Genologix, you can rest assured that we stock only the best quality, most effective products that are truly able to change your quality of life

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