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About Us

Based in KwaZulu-Natal and launched in 2020, Genologix serves tens of thousands of happy, repeat customers in South Africa. We are keenly aware of the global trend of turning to preventative supplementation as a truly viable alternative to curing illness. We’re deeply thankful of the difference that our products are making in the lives of so many South Africans and are very excited to see what new advancements are just around the corner in the world of longevity-support


Our sole focus is on SUPPLEMENTS THAT WORK. We source and distribute only the supplements that we see as being highly effective, based on solid, peer-reviewed medical research data. Gimmicky devices and questionable supplements that carry unsubstantiated claims will never find their way onto our retail platforms. With Genologix, you can rest assured that we stock only the best quality, most effective products that are truly able to change your quality of life

Quality Control

The Steps We Take to Ensure You Get The Best Product Possible

Manufacturing Overseen by on Site Pharmacist

Controlled: Premises is Automatically Controlled for Temperature and Humidity

Products are 3rd Party Tested at a SAHPRA Accredited Lab

Beyond Compliance: Following Legislative and Internal Operating Guidelines

Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) Compliant

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

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HPA Membership

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Help on Some of Our Most Asked Questions

Who is Genologix?

Genologix is a proudly South African complementary medicines manufacturer, based in KZN. We began our journey 3 years ago and today we have a bustling production facility which has provided quality, affordable and effective dosage supplements to over 100 000 South Africans

Genologix is so Much Cheaper than Other Similar Quality Brands, Why?

High quality, effective dosages do not mean that a product needs to be expensive. One of our unique value propositions to our customers has, and always will be, good value. We strive to keep profit margins low, whilst maintaining the absolute highest quality and compliance possible. We buy our raw materials and consumables in bulk, securing the best pricing possible, and we sell direct to our customers, thus avoiding expensive middle-man wholesale and distribution companies that most pharmacies rely on

Can I find Genologix Products at my Pharmacy?

Typically, we sell our products directly to our customers in order to keep margins as low as possible. This means that Genologix supplements are not available via retail pharmacies. A handful of pharmacies have embraced the low-margin philosophy that Genologix shares and they do stock our products, but typically you will only find our products online, with super-fast shipping to your door, included

Tell Me More About How My Genologix Purchase will be Shipped

We ship all our products via Rhenus couriers, direct to your door. All purchases over R500 include FREE shipping. Shipping takes 2 to 3 business days to reach you, from the date that you placed your order. If you live in an outlying area such as a remote town, or a farm, shipping might take an extra day. All our products are produced and shipped in eco-friendly recyclable packaging – we care about the environment, and we’ve gone the extra mile to prove it. For more information on shipping, please see our SHIPPING POLICY

Does Dosage Matter?

In a nutshell, yes! Genologix follows approved clinical and regulatory guidelines on individual product dosages, ensuring that you receive daily dosages that have been third party proven to be both safe, and effective. Many supplement companies will produce products that have ineffective, small dosages, in order to save money. Always do your own research when choosing a supplement. Look for independent clinical studies that indicate the safe as well as effective dosage range for the supplement you wish to use

Are Your Products Vegan Friendly?

Almost all of our products are vegan and all of our capsules are vegan. If you are unsure about our product, just check out our labels, it will be clearly indicated if the product is vegan on the front of the label

Are the Supplements I'm Purchasing Safe?

Genologix is fully compliant when it comes to producing products in a clean, safe, and compliant manufacturing environment. Take a look at our certifications page HERE. We take quality and compliance extremely seriously. We don’t cut corners when it comes to ensuring your health and safety

Do Genologix Supplements Actually Work?

Take a look at the multitude of positive reviews on our website and those on other third-party ecommerce platforms. We consistently receive rave reviews from our customers. At the same time, it is not possible to promise that a specific supplement will make a difference in your health and that’s why we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not entirely satisfied with you supplement purchase, for whatever reason, we will refund you in full

I Need Help Choosing the Right Supplement for Myself

Our responsible pharmacist is ready to answer any questions you may have and guide you in the right direction. Simply complete our online form below and we’ll get back to you. Remember, only your physician can provide you with medical advice. Any advice we give is not medical advice, and you should always check with your physician if you need medical instruction

I See You Offer a Subscription Service, Tell Me How this Works?

Our subscription service offers you an additional 5% discount off the purchase price of your products, and signs you up to receive your list of chosen products each month, automatically. This means you do not have to log in and go through the purchase procedure each month when you need to restock on your supplements, our system will automatically charge your selected payment method and we will ship your product on the same day. Less hassle, even more savings

I'm Having an Adverse Reaction to a Supplement I Have Purchased

Whilst complementary medicine supplements are generally viewed as safe for general population consumption, there will always be certain people who react adversely to them. Just as a small percentage of the population is allergic to certain items, similarly, a small percentage of people may react adversely to a specific supplement. If you feel or notice any adverse side effect when you start on a specific supplement, always stop taking the supplement immediately and contact your physician for further medical advice and also let us know by completing this form HERE

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